Today individuals and organizations need to learn more than before as they confront competition, technology advancement and a shift in customer preferences and appetite.
Through the support of the most distinguished faculties and qualified practitioners, we can conduct public workshops, in-house training sessions as well as webinar and seminars on latest management topics such as

• Global Marketing
• Branding
• Sustainability
• Franchising
• Business Analytics
• Data Mining

These training may have a similar content to our regular sessions, or can be designed and customized to address your specific needs and interests.

AT MIT Sloan School of Management - June 2014

AT MIT Sloan School of Management - June 2014
There are many benefits which are covered here including :

• Flexibility and Customization: Decide on topics, speakers, and platform
• Focus and confidentiality: Focus on your critical issues and discuss them in a confidential atmosphere
• Harmony: Train a group of your people simultaneously to ensure that everyone is on the same page
• Cost saving: Save all travel and hotel and timing costs