The role of research,as the process of solving problems, finding facts and validating and testing them in an organized way, is considered more critical and important in our world where it is growing more connected and interdependent.
In fact, all of us are constantly and unconsciously research the world around us by gathering data, asking questions and trying to take better decisions. Based on my experience and through the support of my professional network, we harness the knowledge and feedback of the real world and combine it with academic rigor to identify and address business and management challenges. Therefore, we can share unique and first-rated actionable experience with corporate partners and generate innovative ideas for business communities.

At Manchester Business School - July 2007

At Manchester Business School - July 2007
We try to reflect three dimensions based on the field of research :

• Unlock the predictive potential of data and leverage knowledge into actionable strategies
• Study social and ethical aspects of management issues
• Blend global perspective to address local issues and challenges across international boundaries