The world is changing so rapidly, and globalization is driving companies beyond the boundaries of the local and traditional way of doing business. The leading technology trends in IT including peer-to-peer based social networks, mobile, cloud and big data are transforming the structure of many companies and creating lucrative business opportunities which require in-depth knowledge and expertise to deal with.
Almost two decades of insight and execution experience in both academia and real business world allow me to formulate innovative and commercially incisive roadmap which enables companies to identify and seize new opportunities, markets, consumers and ultimately expand their business.


At Association of Iran Textile Industries - Jan. 2016

At Association of Iran Textile Industries - Jan. 2016
Through professional network of experts and connections with some of the most distinguished leaders in the world of management, we can provide you consulting services in the areas such as

• International Marketing
• Global Business Development
• Brand Management
• Market Research and Business Analytics
• Sustainability
• Data Mining and Knowledge Management
• Franchising